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Online Mixing Service

Mixing is probably the most important part of the recording chain and is the part that gives your creation breath and life. Sometimes regarded as a Black Art mixing can be a daunting task for the inexperienced. With the advent of computers, high quality home recording is now very achievable but it takes a good deal of experience to turn a recording into a high quality mix. Enter our Online Mixing Service. Simply upload or send us your raw audio files and we will mix to your specification. We use a range of professional audio plugins as well as outboard gear to give you the very best sonic quality. We also employ tuning and editing to make sure everything is as perfect as it can be. Online mixing is the easy way to get a fully professional result for your songs.

What Is Online Mixing?

For the home recording artist obtaining the appropriate equipment, not to mention learning how it all works, can be a very daunting and time consuming task. The advent of computer based recording makes it a lot easier for musicians to record at home but having the correct environment and knowledge for mixing isn't as easy to achieve. Online mixing is the ability to send your indivudally home recorded tracks to a professional recording studio for mixing by a trained recording engineer.

The Mixing Process

First off please email us your requirements. Every mix project has different requirements and also the size of the projects differ greatly. Once you have contacted us and recieved your quote we will send you a link to upload your raw track files. Once recieved we will import them onto our system and verify that everything is fine for us to proceed. If it isn't we will contact you with the relevent info. If everything is in order we ask for payment and once cleared will commence with the mix. We will then send an mp3 version of the mix for you to listen to. We will perform any minor mix alterations for you but any major changes and edits etc will be charged at our normal hourly rate. Once you are happy with the mix we will send you the finished mix as a raw .wav file, or, if you have opted for mastering we will send to the mastering engineer on your behalf.

Broadwood's Mixing Studio

What To Expect

The first thing you will notice is that the finished mix is not as loud as commercial CD's. The mix we send you will be balanced and effected as required. We do not master our own mixes but instead use a dedicated mastering engineer to raise the perceived level of your final online mixing track and to make sure it is playable on all formats. Mastering is an optional extra and you can either get your mixed mastered of your own accord or we will send it to be mastered on your behalf and charge accordingly.

How Long Does The Mix Take?

When you send us the information on your project we take into account the number of tracks, song length and what's required of your mix. We then make an educated decision on how how long your mix will take and quote you accordingly based on our current hourly rate. Mixes can take anything from 2 to 8 hrs or more and the best way to think of it is the longer the time spend on your online mixing the better the results will be. Also, total turnaround time depends on how much work we currently have. We will give you a best guess timeframe when we check the project details. We aim to give you your first draft within two working days but we will absolutely turn first draft around within 5 working days.

Do You Provide Free Samples?

This is a tough one. Mixing is very subjective and personal. Each different engineer would have their own take on a mix. We have a page of samples of work already done and we do all of our work to the standard shown. Therefore if the standard of mix on our samples page meets your requirements we will work to achieve the same quality on your own mix.

Song Preparation

Allen And Heath Console

Ok so you have finished tracking your song, either at a recording studio or your own setup. It's been recorded on a DAW such as Logic, ProTools or Cubase. You've overdubbed a guitar solo and vocal harmonies at various points in the song and you've done a rough mix by adding effects so you can see what the end result should sound like. The first thing you need to do is to make sure all your overdub files and regions all start from the same place as every other instrument. So, for example, every track you send us should have the same starting point. It doesn't matter what that starting point is on your timeline as long as they all EXACTLY start at the same time. This is so there are no timing descrepencies when we import the tracks our end. Secondly, we prefer to recieve your files with no effects unless they are an integral part of the recorded sound. Adding our own effect processing allows us greater control over the sonics of the finished mix. We have performed countless projects where the files supplied to us were bounce in place mixes where the effects have been imbedded on the file.

Accepted Filetypes

We prefer to take either.wav of .aif files for mixing. Please not that we don not accept project files - projects being the DAWs own internal method of file storage. If you wish us to perform your mix, please export your individual tracks as .wav or .aif. Also, for some reason we sometimes recieve every track as a Bounce in Place file or a bunch of stereo files that are predominantly mono sources. Again, the raw recorded files are preferable very time.

Mix Revisions

Once we have quoted for your job we will generally tweak your mixes until you are happy unless you require any major revisions or change direction when we send you your mix for auditioning. We are committed to ensuring you are happy with your finished product as it looks bad on us if you go away with a substandard product.

The Finished Files

Throughout the mixing and auditioning process we will send the mixes as mp3's for speed. Once happy we will send the finished result as either a .wav or .aif file at 44.1khz 24bit ready for you to send for mastering if not done via our own mastering means. If you have had your mix mastered by us your final mastered file will be a .wav at 44.1khz 16bit ready to be burned or sent for CD Duplication.


You can opt to have us just mix your song but we can also offer the option of having it professionally mastered as well. We never master our own mixes at Online Mixing UK and exclusively work hand in hand with renowned mastering engineer Pete Maher of U2, Katy Perry and Goldfrapp fame to produce an optimum mix with the correct levels that Pete can use to suit his mastering process.

Pete charges a superb Online Masteringrate for unsigned artists of £28 per song. You can either send your completed mixes to Pete to be mastered yourself or we will do it for you and add the fee to your total mix fee. For more info on Petes online mastering service visit his website http://petemaher.com/.

Payment Options

We accept credit cards, paypal, bank transfer or cheque. Please note that final mixes and master files can not be sent unless full payment has been made.